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Oyster Mushroom

Oyster Mushroom
Oyster Mushroom
  • Generic name Pleurotus
  • Scientific name Pleurotus ostreatus
  • HIGH IN Vitamin B1(0.21mg)
    Vitamin A(5㎍)
  • LOW IN Cholesterol(0mg)
Health benefits
  • Diet

    It has unique fragrance due to Lenthionine ingredient, and helps to feel full easily as it is low in calorie but rich in dietary fiber

  • Adult Disease Prevention

    It helps to lower cholesterol level and prevent adult diseases as it is rich in ergosterol ingredient which is the parent of vitamin D2

  • Diabetes Prevention

    It prevents blood sugar from rising rapidly after meals by promoting secretion of insulin as it contains zinc ingredient

  • Bone Health

    It helps to strengthen the bones and teeth of growing children as it is rich in vitamin D which is essential for the formation of bone tissue

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  • Oyster Mushroom 1pcs(150g) 1pcs(150g)
  • Oyster Mushroom 1pcs(200g) 1pcs(200g)
  • Oyster Mushroom 1pcs(300g) 1pcs(300g)
  • Oyster Mushroom 150g 24pcs 24pcs(150g)
  • Oyster Mushroom 200g 20pcs 20pcs(200g)
  • Oyster Mushroom 300g 10pcs 10pcs(300g)
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