I would like to purchase K-mush mushrooms.
If you want specific import consultation, please fill out the basic information through Community > Inquiry. Then it can be forwarded to the team and person in charge for prompt feedback.
Where is the main mushroom-producing district in Korea?
Mushrooms are grown almost nationwide, but Gyeongsang-do region accounts for about 70% of total mushroom exports.
What kinds of mushrooms are grown in Korea?
The most popular kinds of mushrooms grown in Korea are King Oyster mushroom and Enoki mushroom. In addition, there are Beech mushroom, Oyster mushroom, and Button mushroom etc.
When are mushrooms mostly produced?
Mushrooms are grown and harvested throughout the year.
How much are K-mush mushrooms exported to overseas?
K-mush exports mushrooms to more than 20 countries around the world, not only major markets which are USA, Europe but also Australia, Canada, Southeast Asia, etc. In the future, K-mush will actively expand overseas business and plan to develop further into worldwide. More details can be found in the K-mush's brochure.
I would like to know the nutritional benefits of mushrooms.
As mushrooms contain a variety of minerals and antioxidants while they are low in calories and sodium, they have health benefits such as weight control improvement, nourishment improvement, increase in vitamin D level, and immune system improvement. For more detailed nutritional information, please see Product Introduction page.
What are the dishes that made by mushrooms?
Mushrooms are good ingredients as they can be used in a variety of dishes due to chewy texture and good flavor, and can replace meet for vegetarians. For a variety of recipes, please see PR Center > Mushrooms Recipe.
I would like to know more details about K-mush mushrooms.
You can download K-mush's brochure and leaflet through PR Center > Brochure.
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