About K-mush

Thank you for visiting the website of K-Mush, an integrated mushroom export organization in Korea.
K-Mush Co., Ltd. leads more than 90% of mushroom exports in Korea and aims for an integrated export marketing board jointly established by producers and exporters.
We are constantly making efforts to establish a unified system that supplies a variety of high-quality Korean mushrooms safely produced with excellent technology all over the world year round, and have realized global marketing that is currently being exported to 30 countries around the world.
K-Mush is playing a role as a partner to help member companies grow their business by providing opportunities to develop new overseas markets based on their quality control and export information and services.
In the future, our company will make more efforts to spread the future superfood Korean mushrooms and further diversify the export market to establish itself as a healthy food that helps the health of people around the world.
Thank you.
CEO Cho Yongmok
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