About K-mush

We will become the best mushroom brand in the world based on the best products and services
Thank you for visiting the Kymash website of the Korea Mushroom Export Integration Organization.
Kaymersh leads Korea's mushroom exports by more than 95%. This is an integrated export marketing board jointly established by producers and exporters.
A variety of high-quality Korean mushrooms produced safely with excellent technology. We've built a unified, reliable system that supplies the world around the world. Through global marketing, we currently export Korean mushrooms to about 30 countries around the world.
In the future, CAMERSEY will create the best mushroom growing and exporting environment. In addition to its role as a leading organization of fresh mushrooms, hallyu has become a center of global culture. We will try to make the Korean brand 'K-Mush' recognized in the food culture of people all over the world.
And like the wisdom of boiling and dipping our ancestors' mushrooms, We studied and commercialized mushroom dishes suitable for foreigners' physique and dietary culture. It will be a leading exporter of mushroom processed foods suitable for modern people.
From now on, our company will publicize Korean mushrooms, which are the super foods of the future. By further diversifying the export market, mushrooms can help keep people all over the world healthy. I will try harder to make fresh and light food.
Thank you.
CEO Kim Changhoon
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