About K-mush

Global Export Brand

Since the establishment of Leading Mushroom Export Organization in November 2009, K-mush has been contributing to the Korean mushroom export industry through systematic quality control and establishment of stable supply system.

On March 21, 2018, K-mush was newly regenerated as an integrated mushroom export organization involving export farms and companies all over the country and unified export channels of mushroom for the first time in domestic agricultural product. Also we have established ourselves as the global export brand in overseas market by establishing systematic quality control and stable supply system and collaborating on overseas market development.

Also in the future, K-mush will strive to strengthen our bargaining power in overseas markets and lead the continuous expansion of exports through steady quality differentiation and brand marketing in keeping pace with the changing international market.

  • Overseas Market Development
    Overseas market survey for new market development and market expansion
    Overseas on-line and off-line promotion and promotional events for export expansion
    Maintaining export market order and enhancing foreign competitiveness
  • Strict Quality Control
    Conducting member companies training through the production and provision of quality control manual
    Collecting production records and checking the quality of exports through ERP system
    Establishing export co-brand and operating system of production history ID
  • Production Base Expansion
    Raising and operating export self-help fund to support export of member companies
    Securing export base by signing a cultivation contract and managing mushroom professional production complex
    Implementing support projects to increase the income of other export farms
  • Securing R&D Capability
    Finding out the difficulties in the whole process from mushroom production to export
    Conducting research to improve production quality through network construction of research and development
    Seeking the expansion of exports through the research on mushroom preprocessing and processed food development
Major Exporting Countries
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Major Exporting Countries
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